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•Celtic Traditional


•Eileen McGann solo
•Eileen McGann with David K
•The Eileen McGann Band

Vancouver Island, BC, Canada

Touring HISTORY:

•Festivals, Concert Halls, Folk Clubs, Music Camps, Workshops, Conferences
•Across Canada, the US and UK •Since 1984


•Seven solo CDs, all 5-star rated
•Juno Nomination 2002
•CFMA Nomination 2011
•many songs included on international compilation albums
•many songs recorded by other artists


•50-song Eileen McGann Songbook published 2011 by BerLen Music, ON
•3 songs included in 2015 Rise Again songbook, NY, NY



• 40-word bio: Eileen McGann is a Juno-nominated songwriter and Celtic singer who lives on Vancouver Island, BC. She has spent many decades touring across North America and Britain, in the Before Times, inflicting songs & choruses, new and old, on unsuspecting audiences.

• 50-word bio:

For almost 40 years, Celtic traditional singer and songwriter Eileen McGann’s soaring voice and percussive rhythm guitar have been making old songs sound freshly minted and new songs ring with the power of centuries.  Her sassy storytelling and infectious choruses mean audiences are always engaged and part of the show.

• 100-word bio:

Soaring vocals, insightful lyrics and a powerful ability to make both her own and traditional songs come alive for audiences: these qualities have made Juno nominee Eileen McGann a mainstay at festivals and concert venues across Canada, the US and Great Britain for almost 4 decades.  Irish-Canadian by birth, she lives on Vancouver Island and her songs reflect both her Celtic heritage and her Canadian homeland.  Eileen has produced seven top-rated CDs.  Instrumentally, Eileen has a strong rhythmic guitar style, augmented by the brilliance of multi-instrumentalist David K. on bouzouki, bass, slide guitars and harmony vocals.


Eileen McGann One-Sheet



Vancouver Island-based Eileen McGann has long been acclaimed as one of Canada’s finest Celtic singers and songwriters.  For almost 40 years she has toured across Canada, the US, Great Britain and Ireland, bringing her rich, poetic lyrics and soaring melodies to festivals, clubs and concert halls.  

Her seven solo CDs have received international 5-star reviews, and many “top ten of the year” listings.  Eileen’s CD “Beyond The Storm“ was nominated for a 2002 Juno Award as “Best Album: Roots & Traditional” and her “Pocketful of Rhymes” CD garnered her a CFMA nomination as “Traditional Singer of the Year”.  BerLen Music has published a comprehensive “Eileen McGann Songbook”, with 50 of her compositions, as part of their “Essential Canadian Songwriter Series”, and three of her songs are included in the new Rise Again songbook, the sequel to Rise Up Singing.

Born in Canada to Irish parents, she began her professional career as a singer of the traditional Celtic songs she grew up with, but soon also became known as an outstanding writer of songs that, while often showing Celtic influence, are strongly and distinctively Canadian.  

Thematically, Eileen’s songs show unusual breadth, from incisive political and environmental ballads, ditties and anthems, to story songs from modern and ancient sources; from celebrations of the Canadian wilderness to powerful songs of the spiritual journey.  These diverse songs are united by strong, singable choruses, flowing melodies, lyrical depth and a clear unified vision that make her in many ways a "thinking person's songwriter".  

She has played almost all the major folk festivals across Canada and Great Britain, often multiple times, and continues recording and touring, as well as following her second profession as a painter of vibrant Canadian landscapes.  She teaches workshops on songwriting, voice, traditional music, painting, Celtic knotwork art and creativity. 



Eileen is often accompanied in performance and on recordings by versatile multi-instrumentalist David K on bass, Irish bouzouki, steel guitars and harmony vocals. He has also co-produced her last five albums from his Blue House Studios on Vancouver Island.EM & DK



CFMA NomineeJuno Nominee